Please accept my apologies for staying extremely busy and not sharing my life incidences with you through this blog, in last few months. Well, now many things have changed and I am enjoying life in a new package. Avi is growing well and I am gelled well with him. I now recognize his pictures on internet, voice over phone, and name whenever anyone takes it. Chachu, Chachi, and Avi were here in our Gurgaon house. We went to Delhi for lot of shopping, visited Ambiance Mall, and had too much fun. We also played a lot and eventually they left for Udaipur.

Prashi in playful mood in Gurgaon
Prashi in playful mood in Gurgaon


We were only trying to settle back to life and then Dad got some issues with his office and he resigned all of sudden– He is like that only. And that is one of the greatest habits of him. He doesn’t bog down against unnecessary pressure. He lives his life on his principles. While he was looking for new opportunities, we also had a great alternative to get back to Udaipur and join family business. One day in Udaipur, on Diwali, we all decided that if he gets a job in Dell International, he will join else will return to Udaipur. Dell was one of those opportunities he was considering those days.

We were swinging between options and were not sure what will happen. On the final day of our Udaipur stay, he got an email and that started his new journey with Dell. He eventually joined Dell International Services in Noida. For couple of months he tried to manage and work from Gurgaon but the distance between Noida and Gurgaon was too much. He would spend more than three hours one side daily and return home too late. His managers allowed him to work from home but Dad was not happy with this adjustment. Eventually we decided to leave Gurgaon for Noida. After having visited too many apartments, mom zeroed-in on Parsvnath Prestige which was only properly populated society in sector 93 A where we had to settle in Noida.

Now we have moved and trying to settle down here. Dad has got a new office, new people, and new experiences. He’s loving it as Dell is a big company and before he starts his own venture, experience of settled company was much needed. Before Dell, he was only working in small and start-up companies where life’s always difficult for any experienced person.

Before we moved to Noida, Dad had some time free and we used it well to enjoy. Along with our neighbor — Rajesh, Ishita and their son Aarav–in Gurgaon, we visited Jaipur and Udaipur. Jaipur visit was for fun while Udaipur visit was for Ammu Shaadi. Ammu Shaadi which was one of the greatest events of my life did not let me down and it was a real grandeur. Ammu aunt tied knot with none other than – Kushal uncle. Now the couple is settled in Bangalore and are blessed with a great life. I wedding I also met Titiksha aunt, Vinay uncle, Rizwana aunt, and Girish uncle apart from many of his Jaipur friends like Ashish uncle, Lalit uncle (with family), Rishabh uncle, Swetha aunt, and many others.


We did not get train tickets to Udaipur and then Rajesh uncle, our neighbor suggested that we go by car. He drove almost 700 kilometers and we reached in time. We attended all functions of her wedding except the Vidaai. I could have not handled Vidaai that so we skipped that last event. We returned to Gurgaon and now we wanted to make our Gurgaon stay memorable. We planned a party on 27th of December as 31st was booked for shifting. Mayank Mama, Deepu Mama, Achint Mama, Namrata Mami, Ashish Mama, Garima Mami, Shailey Mausi all had attended along with Rajesh and Ishita with their brother and sister in law Hanuman and Rupali. Rijul Mama was first to come on his bike while Rishul Mama joined later in the day. It was night long party and was a real fun. Initially we knew that Namrata mami would not come but she surprised all by her last minute entry.

In order to shift our stuff from Gurgaon to Noida, grandpa, grandma had come from Udaipur. They arrived on January 30 and we shifted on 31st. So, by 31st evening, we were in Noida and this is how they were able to see our Gurgaon and Noida houses in two days.

After we dumped all the stuff to Noida flat, we returned to Delhi house at Vikaspuri and all had a great time with Naanu, Naani, and Mayank mama.

Now that we have moved to Noida, my Kidzee will be in Noida sector 93 and mom will take me for admission on 12th Jan when school will open. My Kidzee is behind our apartments and Dad’s office is just 8 kilometers from our apartment. A new life is all set and so are we to embrace it. Will share more about new life soon.

Stay blessed
Lots of Love
Prashi (Shranjika Shrivastava)