I would like to begin this post with a positive and upbeat news. In fact, all that I do has an element of sheer exuberance but this news is special. Something that gives me immense pleasure. Hold your breath. I did something amazing. I participated in a competition without much preparation and then stood second which was an amazing experience to have. I was awarded a silver medal on Feb 17 by my principal madam.

Everything about this achievement was perfect. My parents celebrated this with a lot of enthusiasm as if they had won it themselves. For the entire day, I kept it around my neck and even slept with it. Mom has preserved the medal like a jewelry and Dad has safeguarded the certificate. I have a few certificates to show now 🙂

Well, as I stepped into a fresh new year of life, the education will be tougher. But, wait. I do not need to worry, Ask why? Well, I have my Mom with me who knows how to make tough topics simpler. I use all technology, tools, resources, and time of Mom to grasp new things pretty easily.

The month of March was always special and this time our trip to Udaipur in our own XUV made it exciting totally. We began from Noida and reached Jaipur. After a short stay, we headed to Udaipur. Chachu drove it to 170 kmph which was scary and exciting at the same time. Our Udaipur stay was full of fun (nothing new). We played an amazing thrilling holi with a lot of water and colors. Loud music and entire family wrapped in colors of Gulal in our garden sketched a perfect family picture.

We had to get back to Noida and my birthday then was celebrated there. Now a big girl, I talk a lot of sense, Dad tells me. As I stepped into new class, I got new teachers and new classroom upstairs. Prep-B is the class now but I miss my teachers a lot. I remember they cried when they bid adieu to a new class. Amid all the talks about new class and new life, I got involved with my books and stationery as the smell of new things is always amazing.

Come April, and Dad decided to quit his Gurgaon company. He got a better offer in a company in Noida. The best part is that now we will have more quality time together. His office timing is 11 am to 7:30 pm which is reasonably well with each of us. He can drop me to the school and then we can have more free time in the evening as he will not have the rush of sleeping early.

He has office cab so the XUV still remains with me and mom. But, we take him to places every weekend.
More than often, we do parties at home. Atul uncle’s J4 block house or Shelly uncle’s E block houses are other two places where we have regular parties. These parties are not formal so they can happen any day, any time. you never know and a small tea meet gets converted into a party that runs night long.
We all enjoy with all our hearts. We dance, sing songs aloud, and crack amazing jokes. No formalities and no rules. This is what friendship is all about.

Our outings happen generally in the XUV which is a car loved by all. Atul uncle and Shelly uncle drive generally when they are in the car with Dad. We visit places, have food, and enjoy our trips.

Recently Chachu, Chachi, and Avi had come and we visited Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. A hill station was perfectly enjoyed by all of us. I and Avi spent a lot of time in the third-row seat where we would fight, play, and sleep.

Dad had promised that once he gets an SUV, we will be roaming around more frequently. Hitherto, we have been doing good and I hope we continue to scale new places and enjoy togetherness of all the loved ones.