Shranjika scribbling on wall. She does painting, writing, and doodling.
Shranjika scribbling on wall. She does painting, writing, and doodling.

This post is really special for a number of reasons. Reasons include a road trip, the Udaipur visit, Deepu Bhai Shadi, and arrival of Myra. But, I would like to talk a bit about myself first. I have started to write finally. I scribble all over the walls and use all the diaries of papa to pen down my important meeting notes and scripts. Dadu sent me at least 30 notepads and many pencils so that I can jot down my thoughts freely. But I love walls. Dad writes on social media walls and I do the same on real walls. This is fun.

Road Trip

We set off with Atul uncle, Tanu Aunty, Vishu Bhaiya, and Viny. We visited Agra, Gwalior, Orchha, and Khajuraho in a trip of 4 days. We drove in our XUV500 and it was sheer fun. We did offroading besides burning rubber on the greasy highways. And each of our days was amazing. Dad had a simple idea of relaxing and chilling out. So, wherever we went, we did not compromise on sleep or comfort. We used to wake up late and then enjoy the luxurious hotels more than sightseeing. Our best hotel stay was in Gwalior while the best place was Orchha in Madhya Pradesh.

Udaipur Visit

This part of any post remains the most exciting one. We left Friday evening and reached Jaipur by 11:30. NExt morning as Chachu had to stay in Jaipur, we left for Udaipur. The journey was smooth on Rajasthan roads and with a few breaks, we reached home same evening. Mom drove a few kilometers on the Rajsamand road.

Chachu reached two days later by train. And guess what–it was Dadi who drove them back home from the station. Dadi has become proficient in driving. She put a lot of effort and her strong willpower is truly exemplary.

Our ten days stay in Udaipur was full of fun. We did shopping, went places, prepared for Diwali, and burst a lot of crackers. Avi has become a nice friend of mine and we used our garden and temple on the terrace to play and enjoy.

Those swing rides with Dadi used to be the reason for fight between me and Avi. At times he would give up and other times, I would sacrifice. The typical brother-sister tale you know. What I like about Avi is that he supports me in all my endeavors. He comes up himself and adds some extra value to whatever I am doing.
But then, he always wants the same toy that I want to play with. Again, typical…

Deepu Bhai Shadi

Deepu Bhai finally got married to Preeti Mami. They look sweet together. We attended all their functions from Lagun to Haldi to Menhndi to Fere to Reception. Amid shivering cold, we enjoyed all the programs. I and Papa went to pick up Dadu and Dadi from the station who had come here just for the wedding and see me.

Arrival of Myra

Dadu left on Tuesday evening and as soon as Dad reached home after dropping Dadu to the station, we got to know that Sneha Mamai will get admitted for her delivery. After a wait of two long days, we got a cut angel on December 13. I gave her name Avishi or Ada.

Earlier that morning when I was asked what name should we have for the child coming up?/
I innocently suggested Dosa for boy and Idli for girl 🙂

The following weekend, we went to Madam Tussaud Museum with Papa, Dadi, Atul uncle, Vishu Bhaiya, and Vini. This was an amazing day indeed as we got pictures with world famous stars. I know well, that one day, I will be a star for sure 🙂