Jo Tum Kaho by Prashant V Shrivastava
Jo Tum Kaho by Prashant V Shrivastava

The first quarter of the year 2019 is the thing of the past now. I graduated in class first and have moved to the following standard. And with that, I now have a yellow belt in taekwondo style of martial arts. Yes, that’s what Dad always wanted, and I am happy to bring this to him. I will now work to grab the next level and so on.

My sisyer Aadya’s now a big girl and can walk on her own. And after the sad demise of Naanu in Ashish mama’s house, they have Pihu who is another younger sister of mine. I am feeling a lot responsible these days 

Amid all the development things, I feel bad about the untimely loss of naanu. I failed to understand why suddenly he left for his heavenly abode. But Dad and mom have told me that he has become a star, and Dad often shows me a star close to the moon. I wave a hand and request him to keep us blessed.

While the last few months have been tough for the family, mom ensured that I keep growing academically as well. I completed my phonics classes and now feel much more confident with my spellings.

Amid all the tension, Dad took me to Udaipur for Holi while Mom stayed here with Nani and Bhai. I had great fun and spent around five days there with Dadu Dadi and Avi, Chachu, and Chachi. I missed mom a lot, but it was the need of the hour, and I was sensible enough to understand the plan and needs.

Now, back home, I have just finished my first few weeks of school, and now I have my vacations till June end. And I have plans to make the most of these vacations. I have plenty of homework to do, but I will be spending my first week without any studies. Later I will start the work systematically and will try and finish things up well ahead of time.

Great news that we experienced recently was of Papa’s second book release. The title is Jo Tum Kaho, and it has 100 poems written by Papa. It took him a few months to complete this, and there has been a significant role of mom and me too. I generally stay awake till papa is in the study room. But I realized that his book was important, so mom ensured that I slept well in time without bothering Papa and he was able to finish the work as expected.

I will tell more about my vacations and other stuff in my next post. Till then
And do grab a copy of the book here:

Shranjika (Prashi)