Here’s about the places I’ve seen so far. I’ll keep adding any new place I go to and get an opportunity to explore.

Jaipur – I was born here on March 15, 2012. It was auspicious day of Sheetla Ashtami and the week day was Thursday.

Udaipur – My Paternal grand parents live here. This is my original and permanent address. We have our house in Vidya Vihar colony in sunderwas which was built in 1972. Here also is a software company which is headed by my Grand pa Virendra Shrivastava and managed by chacha Nishant Shrivastava. The company is called Avid Web Solutions.

Delhi – Here is the house of my maternal grand parents who live in Vikas Puri area of New Delhi. Our house there is in Krishi Appartment.

Ghaziabad – My mom’s maternal grand ma lives here with grand pa and ma. If I say Ashish Mama and Garima chachi lives here, then you will recognize and will be able to relate the place better.

Rajsamand – Maternal family of my anvi chachi lives here. The place is home land to Shrinath ji.

Kota – My Bua Dadi and her family lives here. I stayed here for two days in the month of February 2013.

Khurja – My mom’s mausaji and Yati mausai, hitesh mama, Lucky mami, Gunjan mama live here.

Fareedabad – My mom’s aunt lives here. Her daughter Pragati Raizada is writer like Dad and younger brother is studying CS. Naanu in his house was in merchant navy.

Gurgaon – My Dad worked here in a startup coompany. We lived near Sohna Road and our neighbor was dashing Rajesh Nain uncle and Ishita aunty. Their sone Akki (aka Aarav, Angad) was my best buddy there.

Noida – Dad joined Dell International Services and we moved to Noida following his job. Also my first formal school is here in NOIDA only.

Agra – A road trip with mom, dad, and Bhai in the mid summer of 2015.

Mt. Abu – A road trip with mom, dad, chachu, chachi, and Avi sometime around Diwali of 2015.

Kausali – A road trip with mom, dad, chachu, chachi, and Avi in 2017.

Jim Corbett National Park -A road trip with dadi, dad, and mom in 2016.

Goa – A trip with families of Atul uncle, Saurabh uncle, and Shailendra uncle in March 2018.