Oh God, I’ve been too busy over this weekend. This is why I couldn’t write here. Extremely sorry for that 🙂

Well On March 24, I received a big sum of money from my Grand Ma from Udaipur and Dad invested that money in LIC FD for me. Good, I’ve started saving right from the first month. Learn something from me friends!

Prashi – Busy somewhere!

Well, the Saturday was awesome. Dad was home and free. He was not working at all. Actually he did not even  start his computer or Laptop. We spoke a lot. He was telling me how beneficiary this investment would be. I then was given a massage by a professional Aunty who now will come daily. It’s good for my health so I do not complain!

I used the latest Bath tub that Chachu had brought earlier. It’s a bit bigger but I had lot of fun.

Later that evening, Mayank and Ashish Mama broke into house with a grand surprise. We knew about Mayank Mama but Ashish Mama was a big surprise. I had known him for a long time but it was for the first time I saw him and he had come especially to see me – How sweet of him. We had lot of fun that evening till late. He was teasing Mayanak Mama about getting his hair straight – Well though I know what the matter was, I’m supposed to stay tight-lipped. After all, I’ve to take side of him na!

Sunday morning, Mayank Mama and Ashish Mama had to depart because Ashish Mama had to report to his work. This March end is such a sucking month you see.

The day was normal later on. I slept and Dad wrote his article for the Time of India. This will be his 369th article. I know the count as he always tells Mom about the count every Wednesday.

Towards the evening, Amita Aunty came with her Dad. All had tea. You know Dad prepared Tea in the Tea maker for the first time because the LPG cylinder was finished to bottom. But the food was ordered from nearby restaurant – BalG. This is the same restaurant from where my parents order dinner often.

Dad was damn busy on Monday and even I kept sleeping most of the time. And on Tuesday, though he was a bit relaxed, he kept busy with work. He worked with his new site pinkcitynow.com. And he booked tickets for  planned itineraries this month.

So. its night friends! I must retire to bed. And tomorrow I will see my Dad’s article for the first time after my arrival. So see you soon! Take care
C ya