It was July 26, 2014 when I was admitted to Kidzee Play group nearby my home in Gurgaon at Sohna Road. We had visited this place last week too when Mom and Dad had come here to see the property and their activities. We were impressed with the curriculum they had to offer. We went to several other playgroup centres as well in Gurgaon but most of them were interested in telling their glory and their achievements while Dad and especially were interested in only curriculum. Kidzee is not too far from my place. They have their transportation services but Dad wouldn’t me to board a school bus so Mom has been given the responsibility to pick and drop me. She normally averts any driving opportunity. She is a good driver though but she simply leaves it to Dad. But when it was my matter, mom was readily agree. She came forward to leave the Transportation and Food option of the Admission form unattended. When the counsellor reminded her about that, she humbly said that she will do the needful.


Though I have been admitted to the batch that starts from August , 2014 which happens to be a Friday, my teacher insisted that I join from Monday, July 28, 2014 only. I believe that for couple of days she will be with me for the entire hour I am supposed to be there but then eventually I will be living alone there for some three hours daily.

Prashi all set to leave for her school in her uniform
Prashi all set to leave for her school in her uniform

I have been enrolled already and Dad has received an email too from the Administration of Kidzee. I will get a new dress, bag, and some books to start by next weekend.

Prashi's many moods in her school uniform
Prashi’s many moods in her school uniform

It’s difficult transformation of my life as I will learn to live with strangers, make friends, learn things formally, and most difficult of all – I will not be there with mom.

I have already adapted that Dad goes to office at 10 and returns by 7 in the evening but staying away from mom would be next to impossible. I am not sure how I will be able to manage that part but I think, I will. Because I am super solid girl of my Dad who tells me to be strong, do right things brazenly, and never give up. It will be my journey to be like him. I seek blessing of my lord to be able to fulfil expectations of my parents and make everyone proud. Amen.

Look Dad, I'm game for Life!
Look Dad, I’m game for Life!