I had not realized that stepping into formal education will be a serious affair. Now in this class, I need to put extra effort to stay competitive in the class. Mom’s responsibilities have increased manifold as she has to work the whole day to keep me abreast with the pace with which the course of the class is racing. She wakes up earlier than all of us. She keeps things ready like my tifin, uniform, bag, etc before she wakes me up.

She readies my up quickly and drops to the school. She then attends her regular gym. Once back home, she prepares breakfast and lunch for Dad. She picks me up and then stays with me the whole day for all classes. I am into skating as well as Karate. I am a lot more confident after having enrolled with martial arts. Dad tells me that the martial arts will remain a regular exercise for rest of the life. I will join another class once skating is over.

Sports-Freak Shranjika
Sports-Freak Shranjika

This year we have enjoyed a few good trips as well. We visited Goa in March, and then we also went to Jim Corbett National park. It was a detoxification trip as our rooms neither had any television, nor the area had any cellular network. Three days in the jungle were purely refreshing. It rained heavily towards the end of the trip, and it was a fantastic experience. We visited water channels and waterfall similar to those we see in Udaipur.

I also learned to operate the camera on this trip, see my picture in this post.

Aadya is growing faster, and I love spending time with her. I ensure to take all the responsibilities when I am with her.

These days Dad’s love for balcony garden has increased manifold. He spends a lot of time with his plants. We have some new flowers in our balcony. In a small plant of pomegranate, we are taking care of orange flowers these days. Dad says that we will soon have pomegranate fruits in these flowers–that is amazing!

I love the way Dad takes care of these plants. I help him every Sunday as we prune old leaves, branches, and dead plants. We sow new seeds and water the existing ones. We also dig the soil around the plant’s stem. Dad says that this activity allows the plant to breathe easier. More oxygen helps them grow faster.

We also ordered several packets of fertilized soil called potting mix. This soil is highly fertilized and I have seen the magic as news seeds come out as a sapling in just a couple of days. The new plants are like tiny infant tots, and we love them. Our garden has all sort of plants. We have included mom as well. We give her small pots with small and beautiful interior plants that can grow without the direct sunlight. Many such indoor plants are now part of our vicinity around the hall, dining area, and even washroom.

Studies are stringent than ever, but the part that I have loved is the reading. Now, I have learned to read words–thanks to Vidushi mam who teaches me reading through phonics which is a fantastic way to determine why some words are exceptional in English and why others follow the rules and so on. Now, I try and read out stories myself, and Mom and Dad love it.

As we are already in the last quarter of the year 2018, we are gearing up to welcome the winter. I have a few more stories to share but will write a fresh blog for them. Till then,
Love Ya